Together, we can Move Sudbury Forward

Sudbury is in a good place. The industries that drive our economy are experiencing a frenzy of innovation and technology adoption, creating opportunities for our local entrepreneurs. Couple that with an arts and culture community that has never been more active and vibrant, and we're poised for even greater things in the coming years. 

As a community, we need to capitalize on this momentum, and keep pushing our city forward.  That means new ideas, and innovative thinking. 

Kyle McCall brings the opportunity for new energy, creativity, and passion to our City Council.


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City of Parks

Living in Northern Ontario we're incredibly spoiled by the nature around us, but if you take a closer look at the parks we have around town you'll quickly notice that they're in desperate need of some TLC. Parks and modern recreational amenities can make us stand out as a community, and ensure Sudbury is a destination for young professionals and families looking to put down roots, and for retirees looking to escape the GTA. As councillor, Kyle will advocate for the renewal of our local parks and recreational amenities. 

Economic Development

Working with local tech startups has provided Kyle with a unique window into what makes our city's tech ecosystem tick, and where there are gaps that need to be filled when it comes to resources and supports. More amenities for startup companies, and communicating the opportunities and advantages our city has will be a key part of Kyle's work as councillor.  Sudbury needs to be THE place in Northern Ontario to start and grow a business so we can generate more opportunities for our youth, and attract the workforce companies need to compete on a global stage. 

Arts, Culture & Community

We have a vibrant arts and culture scene. Almost every weekend there is something to do. These events, festivals and community gatherings are what make Sudbury such a special place to live. It's important that these activities continue to be supported by the City. Not only do they keep us entertained and connected, but the vibrancy and community it creates are key selling features to young professionals and families looking to put down roots. As a Councillor, Kyle will be a champion of our community events and will work to see that they can find the volunteers they need to be successful. 



If there's one thing we can all agree upon its that Sudbury's infrastructure needs to be invested in. However, we need to make sure we're making the right investments, in the right places. Roads are top of mind, but so is our water and waste-water infrastructure. With the city poised to spend millions of dollars on major projects, we need better communication from our elected officials on how our tax dollars are spent, and make sure they're asking the right questions. These projects will be the key driver of the success of our community, and we need to get them right. Kyle will ensure the public has all the information they need to stay informed and make sure that council is making the right choices for our City's future. 

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